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Pet Dental Packages

We believe so strongly in the importance of dental treatment to your pet’s health. Our Dental Package includes: teeth exam, Blood work, Intravenous fluid, scaling & polish

Dental Package for Dogs


Once Service

Medications, Dental X-ray and Dental extractions are extra

Dental Package for Cats


Once Service

Medications, Dental X-ray and Dental extractions are extra

Emergency Calls

While we work hard to keep our pets healthy, emergencies do still happen and situations may escalate suddenly, our veterinarians are committed to constantly be there for your pet by accepting emergency calls within our working hours. Under unintended circumstances where we are not available, we also make an effort to provide you with the information you need to help your pet.

Puppy/ Kitten & Senior Packages

Welcoming a new puppy or kitten into your family brings about tremendous joy. Our team aims at protecting the joy of adding a pet into your family by relieving the financial burden associated with it. Our puppy/ kitten packages offer comprehensive services including vaccinations, blood work and reproductive surgery (spay/ neuter) at an affordable price! Call us and book an appointment to speak with our veterinarians on the healthcare needs of your new family member.

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Professional Veterinarian

Creditview Eglinton Animal Hospital provides families and their beloved pets with compassionate veterinary care. We are highly focused on providing outstanding veterinary service to our patients.

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