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Our Mission

It is our mission to provide state-of-the-art medical care with compassion and exceptional service to our clients. We proudly serve pet-owners in Creditview-Eglinton Animal hospital by providing comprehensive veterinary, surgical, and emergency services. We aim to keep the pets in our community safe and healthy!

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Why Choose Us

The vets at Creditview-Eglinton Animal Hospital are here to help. We are dedicated to providing exceptional veterinary care for you and your pets in a relaxed, comfortable, and friendly environment. We also provide care for veterinary emergencies during our business hours and have the experienced staff to help during those critical times.

What we offer

Our team is committed to offering the best possible services from core care, such as dental treatment and internal medicine, to specialized care for young and senior pets. From puppy or kittenhood through their senior years, you can count on us to provide compassionate, comprehensive care, and diagnoses to your pet.

Dr. Ghobrial and Dr. Wahba

Dr. Elhamy Ghobrial and Dr. Irini Wahba are a husband-and-wife veterinary team! After attaining their degree in veterinary medicine in 1995, they have enjoyed working with animals in various countries and jobs

Dr. Ghobrial 

Dr. Ghobrial grew up with a German Shepherd named Jack which first sparked his love for animals. As a child, he tended to feed, play and take care of any stray animals that come his way. Dr. Ghobrial has been consulted and worked at various animal hospitals in Southern Ontario and is very well known for his surgical prowess – typically performing upwards of 1800 surgeries per year ranging from routine to emergency surgeries. Outside of the operating room, Dr. Ghobrial excels in his diagnostic capabilities and ability to communicate the pet’s health and needs to you, the owner. His efforts also involve reaching out to and working with animal shelters and breeders to strengthen the health of vulnerable animals.

Dr. Wahba 

Dr. Wahba was raised in the countryside where she enjoyed being surrounded with and taking care of many animals from dogs and cats to sheep and goats. When she was young, her family dog, Lucky, passed away after a couple of days of being sick. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get him the help he needed as there was no veterinarian in her rural town. Due to this incident, Dr. Wahba became motivated to pursue veterinary medicine and offer the best possible care to the dogs in her community so that they don’t go through the pain that Lucky experienced. In her free time, Dr. Wahba loves to keep herself updated with published veterinary articles in order to keep the pets she works with healthy and happy. Whenever any animal visits the hospital, she aims to prioritize their comfort and happiness.

Patient first

We are dedicated to ensure the safety and comfort of your cat or dog above all else. 


By collaborating with you, we will be able to work together to build the best possible healthcare plan for your pet.

Compassionate Care

Our practice is not only rooted in providing professional services but also doing so in a compassionate manner.

Quality Guaranteed

Our promise is to provide excellent veterinary service by utilizing the highest standard of care.


Our team is dedicated to building trust and respect in all of our client relationships.

Friendly Staff

We are profoundly committed to the work we do, providing a full spectrum of medical and surgical services

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Professional Veterinary Medicine

Creditview-Eglinton Animal Hospital provides families and their beloved pets with compassionate veterinary care. We are highly focused on providing outstanding veterinary service to our patients.

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